Prop 8 Opponents March To State Capitol From San Francisco Bay

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, March 30, 2009

Opponents of Proposition 8 rallied at the state capitol today (Monday, 3.30) after marching more than 80 miles from San Francisco to Sacramento.  The group is urging the State Supreme Court to overturn the ban on gay marriages approved by voters last November. 

It took a few dozen protesters six days to make the long march to Sacramento.  But, the group didn’t seem too tired when it arrived at the capitol… 
(Chants go up) “we want justice for gay folks…”
Comedian Kathy Griffin walked the final few miles of the march.  Griffin says she talks a lot about Prop 8 during her tours around the country… 
“Certainly about 98-percent of the people who come to see my shows are in favor of gay marriage but also I’ve been seriously canvassing neighborhoods and I’m surprised to hear how many people when they really talk about it for a couple of minutes they don’t have a problem with it…even if they voted in favor of proposition 8…”
The protesters vowed to hold more rallies until the State Supreme Court makes its ruling on three lawsuits challenging prop 8.  The court decision is expected within the next few months.