Drexel to Halve Grad Tuition for Incoming Laid-Off Students

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, March 30, 2009

Drexel University says it will cut its tuition in half for students starting this fall who have been laid off in the last 15 months and still don’t have a job.
Tobey Oxholm is the dean of Drexel’s Center for Graduate Studies in Sacramento.  He says the move is another way of showing the school’s investment in its new campus – and the region.
Oxholm: “Private universities are different than the publics, because we’re not dependent on state aid and we don’t have to worry about tax revenues going down.  It’ll take us longer to get to the point where we thought economically we’d be, but for us, we’re a non-profit.  We’re talking about a break-even budget.” 
Tuition at Drexel varies among its grad programs.  But as an example, its Master of Business Administration program costs around $46,000.
A handful of other private universities across the country have announced similarly-targeted tuition cuts, but none in Northern California.