Protest Erupts At State Capitol After News of Budget Cuts and Tax Hikes

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, March 27, 2009

California is moving forward with billions of dollars in tax hikes and spending cuts.  That’s because some fiscal officers decided today (Friday, 3.27) the state won’t get the full amount of federal aid it was hoping to secure. 
(sound of chants “No More Cuts”)
A few dozen state workers and advocates protested on the capitol steps after hearing news that their programs will suffer some deep cuts.  The state treasurer and finance director say they could only come up with a little more than 8-billion dollars in federal relief.  That’s about two-billion shy of the goal to avoid moving ahead with revenue measures lawmakers passed in the state budget. 
So, millions of dollars in cuts are on the way for a variety of state programs.  Mike Collier is a state indigent health care worker in Sacramento.  He’s not convinced it’s the best way to address the budget hole… 
“They say it’s a numbers thing.  It’s a human thing with us.  I think they can definitely can look at all the numbers and all the aspects with where the money is allocated and I know they could come up with money to (sic) our health care…”
Collier and others at the rally say they expect pay cuts are on the way for them.  And, they anticipate some people who now get state-provided home care will end up in nursing homes.  Ironically, the advocates say that costs taxpayers more over the long haul.