New Bridge Opens In Folsom Saturday

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, March 27, 2009

It’s called the Folsom Lake Crossing…and it spans 2.3 miles over the American River, just south of the Folsom Dam.

City officials hope motorists are quick to make use of the four-lane stretch. 

“I invite everybody to please start using the new bridge because then the traffic will disperse, the air quality will get better.” 

Folsom Mayor Steve Niklos says traffic gridlock has been a big problem in the city…ever since Folsom Dam Road was shut down six years ago. Federal officials closed it to prevent any terrorist attacks to the dam. 

Building the new bridge cost a little more than originally planned…about $17 million more to be exact. 

“It may have gone over budget but we made a lot of changes and more beneficial for the environment with the addition of the bike lanes. So we did spend a little bit more money but it was spent wisely.”   

The $139 million bridge was paid for with money from local taxpayers…as well as federal, state and local agencies.