State Board Approves New Clean Air Rule Requiring Auto Shops To Check Tire Pressure

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, March 26, 2009

How often do you check your tire pressure?  Probably not often enough according to the California Air Resources Board. 
It’s members approved a new regulation today (Thursday, 3.26) requiring routine tire pressure checks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
(sound of tire gun :04 seconds)
With tire air guns blasting in the background, the California Air Resources Board promoted the new regulation at a tire service center in Sacramento. 
The board says properly inflated tires save gas and will cut down on vehicle emissions linked to global warming.
Margo Reid Brown is chair of the Integrated Waste Management Board.  She says keeping tires properly inflated is also good for consumers… 
“Your tires are going to last longer and you’re gonna get better gas mileage.  You’re gonna buy tires less often, needing to dispose of old tires less often and we’re going to raise the tire recycling rate…”
The regulation requires auto maintenance centers to routinely check tire air pressure.  Although a lot of the shops already do that, the state says it will monitor them to make sure they’re in compliance starting in July of 2010.