Local Officers To Attend Oakland Memorial

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Sacramento Police Department is sending a group of officers to attend the Oakland ceremony. Sergeant Norm Leong says the officers themselves chose to go. 

“Some are a little hesitant to go to funerals just because it brings about the reality of the dangers of the job.” 

Leong says it’s not unusual to send a contingent out-of-town to attend memorials for fallen officers. Other police departments around the country have attended funerals for local officers as well. They do it to show support for both the families and their fellow officers. 

“We’re kind of a tight-knit family in the sense that we all deal with the same things.” 

Two of the Oakland officers were killed during a routine traffic stop. But Leong says Sacramento Police have no plans to re-evaluate their procedures. 

“It has inherent dangers no matter what you do and no matter what safety tactics you use. So we continue to try to be as safe as we can and do what we’ve chosen to do as a profession.” 

After a private service for the families of the fallen officers, a public service will be held Friday morning at Oracle Arena.