Crucial Arena Questions Unresolved Ahead of Cal Expo Meeting

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, March 26, 2009

The board that runs the state fair will hear from NBA representatives and its own staff.  It’ll then vote on whether to approve an extension to negotiations over renovating the fairgrounds, and building the arena and a large mixed-use development.  But some major questions remain unresolved.
Try this, for starters: Who would own the new arena?  Cal Expo staff says Cal Expo would own it – in other words, the state.  NBA representatives say, “That has not been determined.”
On what the total cost of renovating the old and crumbling state fairgrounds would be: Cal Expo staff says $300 million.  NBA representatives say half that – or less.
And staff could not answer questions like how expensive nearby road and highway improvements would be, or how much it would cost the city and county of Sacramento to provide basic services to the development.
A Cal Expo spokeswoman says the discrepancies will be addressed at the board meeting.