Theatre Review: Sexy Laundry

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, March 25, 2009

(Music: Love and Marriage)

Alice has decided that she and husband Henry need a getaway. So she books a room at a romantic destination hotel. The idea is introduce some spontaneity and spark in two lives that have become a little bit predictable.The problem is that romance isn’t something that you can plan.

“So it didn’t turn you on to massage me.”
“Well sort of I guess, but it’s a lot of work.”
“You used to love it.”
“I guess there’s more to explore these days.  (audience groan) I’m kidding. I just mean the New World was discovered a long time ago. Now it’s more like going to the same timeshare.” 

As you can hear that the B Street audience – mostly folks over 50 – can really identify with this show. And it’s that shared experience that makes it appealing. Even though the story is routine, “Sexy Laundry” manages to be fun – thanks in large part to actress Stephanie McVay, a spunky, chunky redhead who puts real zip into this material.

(“Love and Marriage” music out)

The comedy “Sexy Laundry” plays at Sacramento’s B Street Theatre through April 19th.