Bills Would Change State Policy On Juvenile Sex Offenders

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, March 25, 2009

California lawmakers are considering changes to how the state handles violent juvenile offenders.
Democratic Assemblyman Pedro Nava (Naw-VUH) is pushing two bills. 
Nava says one measure would stop judges from giving juvenile offenders a chance to “straighten up” during probation without giving them a criminal record.
Nava’s OTHER bill reverses existing law that seals criminal records of juvenile sex offenders…  
“In other words, the heinous sexual crime committed by the juvenile if they behave for a limited period of time is made to disappear.  It is as though it never happened…”
Nava’s measure makes juvenile criminal records available during trial if they commit additional sex crimes as an adult.
 Nava says that helps authorities determine if the person is a “violent sexual predator” and should receive treatment at a mental health care facility.