Boost In Federal Funds For Reno Arts Festival

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Artown Executive Director Beth Macmillan says the money comes at a critical time. 

“In this economy, we’re putting the festival together piece by piece. We’ve been very successful thus far with our fundraising. Obviously we’ve got sponsors that have not been able to continue their support this year even though they wanted to. But we’ve also got some new funders.” 

Macmillan says the grant is the biggest the festival has ever received from the NEA. Last year it got $15,000. 

Most of the festival’s concerts and art shows are free to the public. 

The event also helps boost business at Reno restaurants, shops and hotels. Macmillan says last year, Artown gave a $14 million boost to the local economy.