Assembly Votes To Extend Unemployment Benefits

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, March 23, 2009

The Assembly overwhelmingly approved a 20-week extension of unemployment benefits.  Zero lawmakers voted against it.  The goal is to qualify Californians for up to three billion in federal funds.  The federal government will pick up the tab for the extension.  Republican Assemblyman Martin Garrick says the new funding could have an important trickle down effect:

“We can ensure that billion of dollars of federal stimulus dollars are injected into all of our local communities.  These dollars will help keep families in their homes and will also help keep food on the tables in those homes.”

About 500-thousand Californians are expected to qualify for the extended benefits.   The bill moves next to the Senate.  Meantime, the upper house has approved a series of bills aimed at getting more federal stimulus dollars for California.  Among other things, they make changes to Medi-Cal and transportation funding.