California National Guard General Evaluates State's Role In Iraq War

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, March 19, 2009

This week marks the sixth anniversary of the start of the Iraq War.
The California National Guard has sent more than nine-thousand soldiers to the region since 2003.
California National Guard Adjutant General William Wade returned from Iraq last week. 
Capital Public Radio's Steve Shadley spoke with General Wade about the California Guard’s role there… 
Total Interview Time Runs 4:34 seconds 
Incue:  “How Many Soldiers with the California National Guard…”
Outcue:  “Thanks for the opportunity to tell you about our National Guard…” 
California National Guard Major General William Wade speaking with Steve Shadley.  The California National Guard recently unveiled a video memorial at its Sacramento area Headquarters honoring the state’s 27 soldiers killed in Iraq.