Solano County Board Critical Of Props

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Specifically, they’re upset about Prop 1D. It would reallocate some funds from early childhood programs. 

Supervisor Linda Seifert says the state is taking away money from local governments.  

“The impact to our county is enormous. This taking from a program to support young kids in our community, to give that money to the state – why is it that the state thinks it can do a better job with those funds then we’re currently doing?” 

Seifert says Prop One-E would have a similar effect on mental health programs. 

But supporters say the measures are part of a larger package that would help the state avoid financial ruin. They say everyone has to sacrifice something in order to keep California afloat. 

The California State Association of Counties is advising local governments to stay neutral on the propositions.