U.S. Labor Secretary Solis Promotes Economic Stimulus At State Capitol

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, March 16, 2009

New U-S Labor Secretary Hilda Solis has returned to her home state of California to talk economic stimulus.  She told lawmakers in a speech today (Monday, 3.16) that California could get 850-million dollars in federal money to expand unemployment programs.

Solis is a former state lawmaker and California Congresswoman.  She was scheduled to meet with Governor Schwarzenegger and addressed the Assembly.
She said if state lawmakers endorse reforms to the unemployment system… Californians who receive benefits could see an additional 100-dollars in their checks.   The money would come from Washington D-C.  Solis also outlined her goals as Labor Secretary and said she’d work for better employment opportunities for females and minorities… 
“These are women and families with college educations and these are women and families that want to retire and these are women and families that deserve economic security…”
Solis is from the east Los Angeles area and was sworn in as Labor Secretary last week.  She becomes the first Latina to ever hold a presidential cabinet position.