College Students Urge Lawmakers To Hold Down Costs of Higher Ed

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, March 16, 2009

A few thousand Community College Students and Teachers rallied against higher education costs at the state capitol today (Monday, 3.16). 
(sound of student chants) “yes we can…yes we can…yes we can” (fades out slowly)
Students chanted and waved signs urging lawmakers to maintain current tuition rates and student fees.  They’re concerned lawmakers might hike fees to help ease a growing hole in the budget. 
Debra Goldsmith teaches at City College of San Francisco. 
She says considering the state of the economy, a student fee increase is a bad idea… 
“They won’t be able to attend, they’ll be looking for those crummy low wage jobs.  That’s all there is for them.  In a time of unemployment there really isn’t much work for them anyway.  Really, it’s not good for them…”
Community college students currently pay about 20-dollars per credit hour, but Goldsmith says she fears lawmakers could nearly double that amount.    Lawmakers made deep cuts in education spending to in the state budget they approved last month.