Busy Week At The Capitol

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(Sacramento, CA)
Sunday, March 15, 2009

Under the recent state budget, if California gets enough federal cash for deficit relief, certain cuts and a tax hike won’t go into effect.  The Finance Director and the Treasurer will decide – and Tuesday they’ll hold a public hearing on the issue.  The next day they’ll meet with the State Controller to look at whether thousands of public works projects that were shut off because of the budget mess can be re-started.
HD Palmer is with the Department of Finance:

“Given where we are right now however, if anyone is anticipating, that we’re going to be able to turn the spigot all the way back on, I don’t anticipate that that’s going to be happening.”

Palmer says it’s possible they may decide to get a few projects back up and running.  Meantime, the backdrop for these decisions is the recent news from the non-partisan legislative analyst:  The state budget is already another eight billion dollars out of whack.