Manufacturers Fight California Rules To Make Flat Screen TVs More Energy Efficient

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A political battle is brewing in California over how much power modern TV sets use.    Flat screen manufacturers are fighting rules to make TV’s more energy efficient.  

The California Energy Commission standards would cut flat screen TV energy in nearly half within four years.   But, Dave Arland with the Consumer Electronics Association says most flat screen TV’s currently sold in California already meet federal energy standards… 

 “And you may be able to save nearly fifty percent of your energy use simply by buying a new set.  So the industry feels like its already doing what it needs to do to help Californians save energy…”

Still, Energy Commission spokesman Adam Gottlieb  says stricter STATE rules are needed because consumers prefer buying TV’s with larger and larger screens.  He says that’s putting more demand on power plants… 

“There are 35-million television sets in the state of California.  Those sets consume about 88-hundred gigawatt hours of electricity annually.  If left unchecked that figure will soar.  These proposed standards will keep a lid on the energy consumption.”
The Energy Commission is expected to vote on the standards this summer.  If approved they’d take effect in two years.