City Council Approves K Street Development

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, March 11, 2009

They’ve authorized $5.7 dollars in public funds to build a restaurant, bar and nightclub on K Street. Developer David Taylor will get the money. 

But some midtown businesses say that’s not fair – as they struggle in a down economy.

Rob Kerth, who heads the Midtown Business Association, says the city came up with a compromise: the new venues won’t be combined to form one super club…and half of the subsidy will be held back until Taylor fills a vacant spot next to the other venues. 

“I mean nobody wanted to see a blank check get handed over to the developer on the project. You know, it’s David Taylor. He’s always done nice stuff downtown and it’s easy to trust him. But these are rough times.” 

Construction on the new restaurant, bar and dance club is set to start next month and could be finished by December.