Final Furlough Friday

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, March 5, 2009

The new system will allow offices like the D-M-V do stay open. 
The change is a result of a deal the largest state workers’ union – struck with the Schwarzenegger Administration.  S-E-I-U Local one-thousand represents nearly half of the state workforce.  Starting next month, those employees will take one unpaid day off a month instead of two.  Rachel Cameron is with the Governor’s Office.  She says the new arrangement makes sense: 
“Once it was negotiated that half of the state’s work-force would take the self-directed furlough, it became apparent to us that we wouldn’t be able to shut down those services.”
Employees not covered by S-E-I-U will still take two unpaid days off.  However, the administration is in talks with other unions.   The Governor ordered employees to take the two unpaid days off to help close the state’s budget gap.