City Teachers Facing Layoffs

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, March 5, 2009

School board members need to make $16 million in cuts for next fiscal year. That’s on top of almost $10 million in mid-year reductions.

Interim Superintendent Susan Miller says the cuts are tough but necessary. 

“It does take a toll. These things cut to the core of what we’re doing.” 

But she says there’s not much choice, in the face of less state funding. The new California budget includes about $9 billion in education cuts over two-years.

“We see that as trying to balance the budget on the backs of teachers.” 

Linda Tuttle is President of the Sacramento City Teachers Association. She says district officials should work harder at reducing teacher layoffs. 

“How many positions have been added to our district headquarters that maybe aren’t necessary.” 

March 13th is the state’s deadline for districts to send out preliminary pink slips. District officials point out, not all teachers getting layoff notices will lose their jobs.