Plastic Bag Fee Proposed

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Democratic Assemblywoman Julia Brownley wants to require supermarkets to charge a quarter for each disposable shopping bag:

“Over time I believe disposable bag use will diminish and we won’t have to pay 25 million dollars a year anymore for this cleanup .”

Brownley says the money would pay for litter prevention programs.  Other new measures would require bottle caps to be attached to the bottle and ban Styrofoam take-out food containers. But Tim Shestek with the American Chemistry Council says that’s the wrong approach:

“These kinds of proposals are really going to hit home – to consumers who are struggling right now – they’re going to affect jobs in this state.  That’s really not the policy that the state ought to be pursuing.”

Shestek says the Chemistry Council wants to chip in to increase recycling efforts in the state.