Davis School Officials Vote On Layoffs

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It’s part of a plan to help the district deal with a $3 million shortfall. School board members approved the preliminary layoffs Tuesday night.

Cathy Haskell is with the Davis Teacher’s Association. She says the layoff notices are in addition to a 2.5%salary reduction. 

“It’s not just been teachers getting pink slips. There’s a lot of pressure on the veteran teachers to take a pay cut to try to minimize the reductions. So everybody’s on edge right now.” 

Meanwhile, school district officials in Woodland are set to vote Thursday on whether to send pink slips to about 30-teachers.

March 13th is the state’s deadline to issue preliminary layoff notices.

The California Teacher’s Association says statewide, close to 18,000 teachers could lose their jobs.

The new state budget includes about $9 billion in education cuts over two-years.