County Cuts, Transfers Funds to Make Budget Through June

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The transfers are designed to help the county prepare for much larger reductions that will likely come as soon as July.  Otherwise, departments would have had to make a full year’s worth of cuts over just a few months.  The cuts would have included taking sheriffs deputies off the streets and an end to supervision of adults on probation.
Supervisor Jimmee Yee told Sheriff John McGinness to use the next few months wisely.
Yee: “It’s better just to bite the bullet now, because if you don’t take care of the issue now, it just gets worse.”
McGinness: “I don’t disagree one bit, but given a four-month opportunity to absorb whatever cuts are coming, it’s very, very difficult.  So at least being able to amortize it out over the full 12 month period gives us some comfort.” 
Still, to balance a mid-year budget gap, supervisors made smaller cuts to 25 departments yesterday, including some layoffs.
The deficit for the upcoming fiscal year, which starts in July, could exceed $100 million – meaning yesterday’s cuts will not be the last.