Two Special Election Ballot Measures Face Court Challenges

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, March 2, 2009
A measure on the May ballot is the subject of a court challenge this week.   Proposition “1E” was approved by lawmakers as part of the state budget deal.  The measure would re-direct some mental health funds to pay for other programs. 
Opponents have filed suit.  Dave Fratello (FRAH-Tell-Oh) is with the “No on Prop 1E campaign.”  He says the ballot language is vague and misleading. 
“They wrote language that makes it sound like you gotta pass this thing to save money for mental health care programs when in fact it’s a cut…”   
Julie Soderlund (SO-der-lund) is with the campaign promoting Prop “1E”.    Soderlund says the measure still funds mental health care programs…but allows lawmakers to use any surplus money for other needs.
The Superior Court in Sacramento will hear the challenge to proposition “1E’s” ballot language on Thursday. 
Another measure on the ballot…Prop “1A” is facing a similar challenge.  That measure would limit future state spending.