Holbrooke Hotel Won't Close...Yet

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, March 2, 2009

The 156-year-old landmark was slated to close at noon on Monday, a victim of the slumping economy. 

But co-owner Jim O'Brien says they had an outpouring of support from local residents over the weekend…once word of the impending closure spread.

“They came in in droves to eat in our restaurant, and drink in our saloon and stay in our hotel. If this was going to go out of business they wanted to have a last chance to be part of history. But all of them are expressing hope that somehow a miracle could happen and it would stay open.” 

O’Brien says he also got several offers from prospective buyers. He intends to keep the West Main Street hotel open during the next week while he evaluates those proposals. The hotel has about 40 employees.   

O’Brien and a partnership group bought the hotel for $2 million back in 2005.

He put the property up for sale last year but says he couldn’t find a buyer.