Financial Aid Deadline Looms

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, March 2, 2009

It’s called the Free Application for Federal Student Aid - or FAFSA. 

Mary Fallon is with Student Financial Aid Services in Sacramento. They’re a private company that helps students fill out the six-page form. Fallon says business is up 35%. She says it’s because tuitions are higher and more people are out of work.   

“10% of our callers, somebody in their family that’s contributing to the household income has had their job eliminated. The other reason is college savings plans which are often based on stocks have also shrunk – so even the people that were putting money aside are finding that they don’t have enough money to pay for the high cost of college.” 

The federal Department of Education uses the FAFSA form to decide whether a student is eligible for financial aid. 

Meanwhile, University of California students are scheduled to hold a mock funeral at the state Capitol Monday morning to protest higher education costs.