College Students Urge Lawmakers To Make Higher Education More Affordable

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, March 2, 2009

College students are calling on lawmakers to back a bill that would increase state income taxes on the wealthiest Californians.  
They say that would create revenues to help bring education costs down for students. 
Lisa Chen is a senior at U-C San Diego.  She joined a few hundred students at the capitol today (Monday 3.2).  They’re urging lawmakers to support the new legislation… 
“The way to do that is to raise taxes on the millionaires by one-percent.  We feel they can take that kind of a hit.  The question comes down to do you support higher education…do you think it should be given to everyone…”
Los Angeles area Democratic Assemblyman Curren  Price has introduced the bill.
It would use the millionaire tax to freeze student fees at UC and CSU schools over the next five years.