Modesto YMCA To Shut Its Doors

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, February 27, 2009

The YMCA on McHenry Avenue is $2 million in debt. And since the economy began to tank last year the facility has lost a signficant number of the 3,500 patrons in membership units.

Efforts to recruit new members produced mediocre results. Administrators tried to sell the 130,000 square foot building in an effort to keep the “Y” operating, but there weren’t any offers.

CEO Phil McGovern says only an eleventh hour bail out will keep the facility from closing for good tomorrow, immediately following some scheduled basketball games.  

"It would take someone very generous of heart to assist us through the time it would take to eventually sell the facility. That would require a pretty large donation." 

Members who paid their fees in advance will receive reimbursements. The “Y” has been a fixture in northern Modesto for nearly half a century.