Some State Lawmakers Want To Delay Greenhouse Gas Cap During Recession

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, February 26, 2009

Some state lawmakers say California’s groundbreaking regulations to fight global warming should be delayed because they might deepen recession. 

The Greenhouse Gas Emissions cap was passed by lawmakers in 2006 under a measure known as “AB 32”.
Los Angeles area Republican Senator Bob Dutton says it will cost thousands of people their jobs and put an additional financial burden on small businesses if implemented soon.  He wants the State Air Resources Board to do more research on the economic impact…
“when AB 32 was enacted California’s economy was actually in pretty good shape.  Unemployment was less than five-percent.  It’s now ten-percent and it’s rising.  And, I think we need to develop a little more common sense approach before we implement this plan…”
Dutton is pushing a bill that would put the clean air standards on hold until California’s unemployment falls below 5.8 percent.  That rate is more than nine-percent right now.
Sacramento area GOP Assemblyman Roger Niello is introducing a similar non-binding resolution in his chamber.
But, environmentalists say the emission rules should start on schedule in 2012.  Derek Walker is director of the California Climate Initiative… 
 “AB 32 provides an opportunity to get out of the dirty, wasteful economy that we’ve built in California and the United States…and turn that around…”
Governor Schwarzenegger is a strong supporter of “AB 32”.  A spokeswoman with his office says there’s no need to delay the emissions cap because they don’t take effect for another three years.