Winter Homeless Shelter To Remain Open Longer

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The shelter at Cal Expo was scheduled to close in 12 days. But thanks to a $25,000 grant it’ll stay open through the end of March. 

Christie Holderegger is with Volunteers of America…which runs the shelter. She says staying open longer means they can spend more time helping some of their clients find other places to live. 

“We spend the next month really working on different avenues, if they’re going to be going into some of the long term shelters. But unfortunately for a lot of folks that have much more mental health issues, with all the cuts in mental health, most likely they’re going to end up going back on the street.” 

The shelter has enough room to house 154 men, women and children. Clients can stay for two-weeks while they look for a permanent place to stay. 

The $25,000 grant to keep the shelter open longer comes from the Sierra Health Foundation.