Drought Prompts New Water Restrictions

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Both the City of Folsom and the San Juan Water District are calling on residents to cut their water use by 20-percent. That’s because they’re main source of water is getting smaller.  

“Folsom Lake is down around 25% of capacity. So we’re very concerned.” 

Folsom’s Water Management Coordinator Don Smith says starting March 9th residents will only be allowed to water their yards on two designated days a week. And he says staff will be enforcing the new rules against over watering. 

“They’ll be looking for people that are watering on the wrong days as well as looking for people that may be gutter-flooding.” 

Two violations in one month could result in your water getting shut off. David Kane with the Citrus Heights Water District says people need to get in the habit of conserving water before the weather warms up.  

“Unless there’s some very unusual high amounts of rain we’re probably in for another drought year and that’s why we’re asking for the 20% reduction now.” 

Roseville also has mandatory water restrictions in effect and the City of Sacramento is expected to adopt water rationing rules within the next few weeks.