Some GOP Lawmakers Claim Budget Deal Won't Fix California's Financial Crisis

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, February 19, 2009

Republican lawmakers who voted against the state budget say the plan is only a quick fix to California’s financial woes.
Senator George Runner of Antelope Valley says GOP members are disappointed the measure didn’t include more spending cuts.  Instead it includes billions in tax hikes and fee increases to deal with California’s 40-billion dollar deficit.
Runner says the budget places a larger burden on taxpayers who already are struggling during the economic downturn… 
“Our estimate is about 15-hundred dollars a year for the average family of four.  And, the other issue I think people ought to be prepared for is this isn’t the end.  What was passed by the legislature still passes out year deficits…”
Runner says republicans who voted against the budget aren’t angry with the few GOP members who supported the package.  He says as the minority party in both chambers, republicans need to stay unified on upcoming issues that are certain to divide the legislature down party lines.