Governor Schwarzenegger "Very Happy" With State Budget

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, February 19, 2009

Governor Schwarzenegger says California can get back to business now that lawmakers have approved a plan to deal with the state’s 40-billion dollar deficit.   The governor says he plans to sign the budget deal tomorrow (Friday 2.20).

Schwarzenegger praised lawmakers for making some “tough decisions” and he says although the budget includes billions in tax hikes and deep spending cuts…there’s nothing else the state could do to deal with its massive cash shortage.
The governor also praised republican senator Abel Maldonado and the few other republican lawmakers for supporting the package.  He says he’s hopeful those legislators can keep their jobs…referring to future elections.
Schwarzenegger says he plans to campaign statewide for a series of measures that Maldonado was able to get on the ballot next year in exchange for his yes vote on the budget… 
“because here we have a good shot at first of all getting the five-billion dollars from the state lottery…and also have true budget reform.  And, to get primary reform…to have open primaries…this is all very very important to the people of California…”  
Some state offices will be closed Friday to help the state save cash.  That’s because unpaid state worker furloughs are still part of the budget agreement.