City to Extend Walkway Along Sacramento River

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just south of the Tower Bridge, a promenade runs along the river.  It looks pretty nice from Capitol Mall to O Street, but then, well, not so much. 
Thursday, the city broke ground on the first step of a plan to extend the walkway.  It’ll have landscaping, benches and a path for bikes and pedestrians.

Downtown development manager Leslie Fritzsche says all the $5.4 million of city and state funds needed for the project are in the bank – and neither the economy nor budget crises will stop construction.
Fritzsche: “This Phase One will actually consist of extending the promenade from the Circle of Lights, which is generally O Street, all the way down to R Street, connecting then to the R Street overpass.  Work will begin immediately and be completed by the end of the year.”
The city’s currently raising money for the promenade’s later stages.  The goal is to extend the walkway all the way past where Interstate 80 crosses the river – and lay the groundwork for future development in the neighborhood.