Budget Cuts $9 Billion From Education

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, February 19, 2009

The head of Sacramento County Schools – Dave Gordon – says the good news about the budget passing is that districts can finally begin planning for the next 18 months. The bad news?   

“Education took a disproportional cut relative to the other state programs.” 

Education funding statewide will be cut by nearly $9 billion over two years. Gordon says the impacts…from layoffs to salary cuts and fewer construction projects…will vary from district to district. But he says schools are already operating at bare bones levels. 

The state’s new budget proposal also gives districts greater flexibility in spending money normally dedicated to specific programs. But Gordon says that’s not as good as it sounds. 

“That flexibility is a case of ‘do you cut your nose or cut your ear.’ It’s going to affect many programs negatively.” 

Gordon says one bright spot is that many school construction programs may still get built...thanks to the federal stimulus package.