Governor Honors US Airways Pilot Sullenberger

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, February 17, 2009

“There’s a big difference between a movie hero, and yes I’ve done many movies, and a real hero. And this is a real hero. So let’s give him a big, big, big hand.”  

Schwarzenegger held a ceremony Tuesday at the state Capitol honoring Sullenberger, who lives in the Bay Area town of Danville. The governor jokingly said Sullenberger’s presence in the Capitol should motivate state lawmakers to pass a budget. 

“Those legislators upstairs, they’re negotiating and working on a budget, need a great hero in the State Capitol…that should inspire all of the legislators, for them to be heroic today.” 

The governor presented Sullenberger with a black jacket emblazoned with the state seal, a California flag that had flown over the Capitol and a license plate with the words "California Hero" on it. Sullenberger said he accepted the honor on behalf of the other crew members of the January 15th flight and the many other aviation professionals keeping air travel safe.