California Prepares For Its Share of Federal Stimulus Dollars

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The ink is hardly dry on the federal economic stimulus package and California is already developing a game plan how it will use its share of funds.
State Assembly Speaker Karen Bass today (Tuesday 2.17) announced a new legislative task force will help direct how the federal dollars will be distributed… 
“California’s economy definitely needs a surge and I’m confident that the ‘surge (SERJ) task force’ which is what we’re calling it…stimulus—economic recovery—and jobs” will find ways to achieve just that…”
Democratic Assemblyman Manuel Perez of Coachella  will chair the task force… 
“In the coming weeks and months, an estimated 26-billion dollars will begin to flow into California.  While this money is certainly crucial to our economy…it’s simply not enough…”
Perez says the state should use the federal dollars to jump start the local economy by investing more in public works projects and creating jobs.  He says the task force will hold a series of statewide public hearings to determine how to do that.  President Obama signed the 787-billion dollar stimulus bill in Denver today (Tuesday, 2.17).