State Budget Plan Sparks Protests Around California

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, February 13, 2009

Opposition is coming from all sides as state lawmakers get ready to vote on a budget plan this weekend.  

Upset about proposed billions in spending cuts…state workers, health care providers and senior citizens urged lawmakers to kill the budget agreement at rallies across California today (Friday 2.13). 
sounds of protesters chanting”these budget cuts have got to go”
A few dozen people gathered at this protest on the capitol steps.  Gary Passmore is director of the Congress of California seniors.  He’s concerned lawmakers are ready to slash spending for social service programs… 
“You’re talking about people who live on 8 or 900 dollars a month…people who rely on supplemental security income.  You’re talking about people who are very frail and elderly who need caregivers…you’re talking about the lowest income people in the state losing access to health care…
Some state workers say they don’t want legislators to cut their holiday pay and other benefits.
But, Legislative leaders say tough choices need to be made during one of the toughest budget years in state history.