Lawmaker Wants To Put Teeth Into Laws Against Dog Fighting

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, February 12, 2009

A state lawmaker says dog fighting is a “sadistic” blood-sport and California needs to do more to crack down on the illegal activity.
Currently it’s only a misdemeanor to attend a dog fight, BUT Santa Barbara Assemblyman Pedro Nava unveiled legislation today (Thursday 2.12) that would make it a felony…   
“spectators actually provide a lot of the profits with dog fighting.  They charge admission and they gamble, and those things keep this barbaric act alive.   And, because dog fights are illegal acts and not widely publicized…nobody walks by accident into a dog fight…” 
Nava also wants stronger laws to control the sale of unhealthy dogs at illegal “puppy mills.”   Another bill he’s introducing would limit animal breeders from owning more than 50 non-spayed or neutered dogs and cats at a time.   
A third bill backed by Nava would prohibit anyone convicted of animal abuse from having contact with animals for at least three years.