State Construction Workers Rally To Keep Their Jobs

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A few hundred construction workers rallied in Sacramento, Fresno and Los Angeles today (Tuesday, 2.10).  
They’re worried about their jobs and are urging lawmakers to pass a budget as soon as possible. 

(sound of chanting "What Do We Want?  Budget!  What Do We Want?  Jobs!") 
The workers say 20-percent of them have lost their jobs during the budget impasse. 56-hundred public works projects have been put on hold.  California is in a bind because of the tight credit market and the state’s massive deficit.  
“we are here today to send a message to lawmakers.  Pass a budget now!”  (Cheers go up and fade out) 
Jim Earp is Executive Director of the California Alliance For Jobs.  He says Caltrans is suspending work on 100 road projects this week alone. 
Oakland heavy machinery operator Loretta McClinton was laid-off from her state construction job a month ago… 
“So I’m making ends meet with unemployment and I’m budgeting…really budgeting.”
Legislative leaders say they’re close to a budget agreement.  The Senate democratic leader says he’s committed to bringing the spending plan to a vote this week.