Public to County: Please, No More Health Care Cuts!

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday was a day full of public testimony about $6 million in cuts to mental health, community clinics and more.  One of the speakers was Elk Grove resident Marilyn Hillerman, whose father and daughter both have mental health issues.
Hillerman: “There are a lot of other agencies and programs that are vying for money as well, and I feel like mental health, a lot of times, is the one that gets the least consideration.” 
But officials say the county’s fiscal situation is so bad that this might not be the last round of health care cuts.  What’s more, county officials want to borrow cash from funds that are normally off-limits to prevent even steeper reductions.  That would require the approval of four of the five supervisors.
The Board will also weigh potential cuts to public safety early next month.