First Day Furloughs For State Workers

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, February 6, 2009

More than 200-thousand state workers had the day off today (Friday) without pay.  But many said they would rather have been on the job.  It’s part of Governor Schwarzenegger’s plan to save the state more than a billion dollars.  He’s ordered all state workers to take two unpaid days off a month over the next year and a half.  That amounts to a nearly ten percent pay cut.   We checked in with a few of them to see how they’re handling the change: 
Audio Postcard runs:  :46 seconds 
The Governor’s office estimates about 90 percent of state workers will be off the first and third Fridays.  Some exceptions include parks, prisons and hospitals.  They’ll remain open.  All employees will take the pay cuts, but they’ll be furloughed on a rotating basis.