County Delays Probation Cuts

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, February 6, 2009

The $2.5 million in cuts would have eliminated all field visits to adults on probation who were convicted of domestic violence, drug or gang offenses.  Some of those reductions may still have to be made, but the Board of Supervisors won’t be asked to approve them until early March.
The delay is mainly due to objections from Sheriff John McGinness, whose department also faces deep cuts.  So officials are changing course – and looking for money in the reserves of other county operations.  That borrowing would at least partially limit cuts to the sheriff, probation and district attorney’s departments.
So what cuts will supervisors vote on next week?  More than $6 million to Health and Human Services, to mental health and community clinics.  And even after that – and figuring out a solution to the public safety cuts – the county still has to find some $20 million more to make up the rest of its mid-year deficit.