Foreclosure Prevention Workshop Set For Monday

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, February 2, 2009

This is the ninth workshop that the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency, or SHRA, has held in the past year. 

Lenders will be on hand, meeting face-to-face with homeowners and coming up with payment options. 

Mary Lyon with the SHRA says what makes Monday's workshop different is that it’s the first time Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae representatives will be there. 

“What they do is they buy loans from lenders. So what happens is you’ve gotten your loan from a lender whose then sold it to Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae and they now own your loan. And so if you’re worried about losing your home and that’s who you make your payments to, then that’s who you need to talk to about the loan modification.” 

Lyon expects close to 1,000 homeowners to show up for Monday's workshop. It’s starts at 2 PM and goes until 8 PM at the Jose Rizal Community Center on Florin Mall Drive in South Sacramento.