Sacramento State Coping With Looming Budget Cuts

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, January 22, 2009

Alexander Gonzalez gave his annual Spring Address Thursday, four days before classes resume.

He assured faculty and staff that despite the looming reductions, it’ll be mostly business as usual. 

“We are not cutting classes. We may adjust some classes for the spring semester. Now, the new Residence Hall and the Recreation and Wellness Center are going ahead as planned because they’re not being built with state funds. We’re also doing everything possible to preserve everyone’s position here on campus.”

Gonzalez says they’re doing that by freezing all non-essential hiring and cutting back on purchases and travel expenses. 

Governor Schwarzenegger is proposing to cut the California State University budget by $66 million.

As a result, CSU officials have limited the number of new students admitted in the fall of 2009. CSU Trustees are also expected to increase student fees by 10% later this year.