Governor Says Until Budget Fix, Health Reform on Hold

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fixing the budget trumps everything else, that was main theme of the governor’s speech.

Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kim Belshé, says the governor’s right -- first the budget, then health reform changes.

“The longer we wait to address the state’s budget problems the deeper the problems in health reform that we will have to fix, that’s one of the reasons why the governor is making such a high priority to address our budget crisis.” 
But, Anthony Wright is with the consumer advocacy group Health Access California. He says the reality is that the governor is changing health care right now with deep budget cuts.

“The notion of we’re not going to work on health care because we’re going to work on the budget…when we’re working on the budget, we’re working on health care. We’re talking about a major funding component of the entire health care system that we all rely on.”

Wright says the governor wants Californians to make sacrifices to get the state out of the red.
Schwarzenegger’s budget proposes health service cuts for millions of poor and disabled Californians, including kids.