City School District Opens Enrollment

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday was the first day that families could go to the district’s website and apply to participating schools, including charter schools. District officials say they got a huge response in the first few hours. 

“We’ve received a little over 600 applications so far.” 

Lois Peterson is the district’s Administrator of Academic Achievement. She says many of their schools offer unique and specialized courses. The Open Enrollment period gives families a choice. 

“For example at McClatchy High School there’s a Humanities and International Studies program. Other high schools have programs. Some families may be interested in a particular elementary school for what it may have an offer.” 

But getting into your school of choice isn’t guaranteed. The application is submitted into a random lottery.

Schools that don’t have space available for new students outside their attendance boundaries are not included in the Open Enrollment process.