Postal Worker Accused Of Opening Letters

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dean Hudson of Marysville was indicted Wednesday. Prosecutors say the 29-year-old employee was seen opening the cards last year at the U-S Postal Service's Marysville Processing and Distribution Facility.

Jean Hobler is the Assistant U-S Attorney prosecuting the case. 

“It is a federal crime for a reason and it’s because we expect the postal employees to be handling the mail correctly. So if they’re not then we will prosecute if we have reason to believe that they’re doing something wrong.” 

The indictment says Hudson stole $550 dollars from 11 pieces of mail, in addition to opening numerous other envelopes. 

Hudson pleaded not guilty. He faces 19 federal counts of mail theft and delay or destruction of mail by a postal employee. Each charge carries a maximum five-year prison term.