On Del Paso Blvd., Sac PD Keeping Eye on Crime...Literally

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Decades ago, Del Paso Boulevard was a blossoming thoroughfare filled with movie theaters and bowling alleys.  But since then, without much work, it’s become a rougher part of town.  Council member Sandy Sheedy wants to change that.  She says adding video cameras will make a difference – without costing residents their privacy.
Sheedy: “The police department obviously does not have enough policemen to take care of everything.  Cameras help.  And trust me, I am going to put cameras up wherever I can, when I can.  Because the privacy issue – I’m worried about what’s happening on the street, the sidewalks, the public spaces.  I’m not worried what’s happening inside somebody’s home. That’s their domain.” 
Sheedy’s using a special pot of bond money set aside for each council member to pay for the cameras, since the police department’s mired in the city’s budget crisis.  The department says it’ll look at putting cameras in other neighborhoods in the future – if it can find the money, and if the Del Paso experiment works out.