California Considers Energy Consumption Rules For Flat Screen TVs

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The California Energy Commission says flat screen TV’s are driving up electricity consumption, so it’s proposing some new rules that would conserve how much power they use.

It’s estimated that more than ten-million Californians own flat screen or Liquid Crystal Display TV’s…and they’re getting more popular as  prices come down.  Problem is flat screen TVs use almost ten-percent more electricity than older sets that rely on tubes.
State Energy Commissioner Arthur Rosenfeld… 
“A typical flat screen tv runs maybe 200 watts these days and we want to make sure that that doesn’t increase too fast as the size of the screen of the tv’s that people buy increases.  So, we want to make your tv’s more efficient…”
Rosenfeld says most companies that sell flat screen tv’s in California already comply with the new energy standards.  Some consumers may try to get around the rules by purchasing a TV outside of California over the internet…but Rosenfeld doesn’t expect too many people to do that.  The commission is currently accepting public comment on the proposed rules and it’s expected to approve the policies this summer.  They’d go into full effect in 2013.